The Revolutionary Footbath Additive That Provides Quick Results Without Formaldehyde.

The HEALMAX® line of products is easy to use and provides an economical means of control. Learn more about the entire HEALMAX® line.

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HEALMAX® Products

  • The advanced topical antiseptic for safer more effective control of hoof problems.
  • Safer than formaldehyde for humans and animals.
  • Gets cows back on track fast with visible results beginning in approximately one week.
  • Remains effective in both hot and cold weather.
  • Patented in 10 countries.
  • Available in convenient Spray, Foam, Paste or Footbath Concentrate formulations
  • *Product Information Is Not Applicable in Canada.
HEALMAX® is ideal for:
  • Dairy producers who have experienced corrosion problems from copper sulfate or formaldehyde.
  • Dairy producers in areas where use of formaldehyde use is banned or limited.
  • Dairy producers who want a safer footbath for their family, employees, herd, and environment.

HEALMAX® Spray Results

Hairy Heel Warts

This is a “hairy heel wart,” one of the most costly health problems in modern dairy cows. The “wart” grows rapidly and causes severe pain. She becomes so sore that she will stop eating and drinking. Milk production drops. At this stage, the illness is also highly contagious.

Four Days Later!

The same wart four days after application of HEALMAX® has Spray stopped oozing, formed a tough waterproof scab, and the animal is free from pain. She is no longer lame and her appetite has returned. The wart is gone.


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